Incoming Inspection

Inspection regarding the purity of raw material: Using ICP to exam elements in raw material

Routine Inspection

▲Strip Casting

Using caliper to exam the semi-finished magnet thickness,100pcs for each shift. An average of 90 percentage striped chips’ dimension should fallbetween 0.25-0.35mm. The total weight loss occurs during this Process and should be controlled to less than 1.8percentage.
The microchip thickness is measured using a metallographic microscope. No α-Fe particles are expected. Any average size of 3.5-6.5μm microchips would fit the standard as being satisfactory quality category.


Monitor the oxygen level with oxygen detector with the strictest standard. Analyzing the powder particle size and distribution with laser particle size diagnose examiner to ensure the top standard of result.


This process is also known as pressing magnetizing orientation often been decided over this process. Oxygen detector is placed during the process to monitor the oxygen level inside of operating box.


This process uses a gauge to ensure the vacuum inside of sinter furnace remains at the required level. The level will vary as the temperature inside the sinter furnace changes. The figure should be less than 1Mpa after loading. It changes to 7.5×10-3Mpa when the temperature starts rising. The vacuum level indicates the functional ability of the furnace, A controlled vacuum provides better insurance of stabilized magnet quality.

Coating Quality Inspection

▲Measures of Different Coatings ▲Salty Spray Test ▲(High) Pressure Cookery Test

1.Ni coated magnet must survive high pressure cooker with National examining standard (0.2- 0.24Mpa, 120℃) passes quality test.

▲Coating Bonding Effectiveness Determination Thermal Shock Resistibility

Place Ni-Cu-Ni coated magnets inside of oven and increase the temperature up to 250°C, after one hour drop the magnet into iced water. Coating that passes examination shall not have any part of coating fall apart air bubble inside or under the coating.

▲Collision Test

Glue the magnet with steel object that has greater size compare to itself and drop it from 1.5 meter height at free fall speed for 8 times. There should not been any part of coating strip off from the magnet.

▲Zinc Coating Bonding Effectiveness

Zinc coating binding effectiveness cut the coating on the magnet with sharp steel edge with 30°of incision.The area of cut magnet coating should be square with 1mm2. A success test subject should not fall apart from the base.

Acceptable Quality Level

Newland has strict inspection protocols against finished goods. Base II applies during daily inspection routine.The corresponding AQL value of Newland inspection protocol is 0.65.

Quality Inspection Instruments

Magnetic Tester

Salt Spray Tester

PCT Tester

HAST Tester

X-ray thickness tester

Magnetic Declination Tester