Pr-Nd Price Tend

neodymium magnet price

Nd2O3 Price Tend

Rare earth raw materials is hard to be supplied,most of suppliers adjust quotation of NdFeB magnets at the moment.

As of 2017/8/6, the main products of neodymium oxide, praseodymium oxide, praseodymium oxide neodymium  rose 46%, 55%, 60%, respectively at the beginning of this year, Pr-Nd metal prices rose rapidly to 530 thousand/ton,the follow-up prices will continue to rise.

A number of NdFeB magnets companies stop the original quotation,which will be based on the daily price of Pr-Nd,and the offer only effective on that day.

Neodymium magnets enterprises began the daily quotation to confirm the rare earth supply is scarce,other enterprises will gradually follow up, rare earth prices continue to bullish.

Agency pointed out that NdFeB blank has increased nearly 10% at the beginning of this year, showed that the price of rare earth NdFeB has influence the downstream.

The rare earth cost takes part 40%-60% of NdFeB,the neodymium magnet market has been influenced much due to the rising price.The magnet suppliers began daily quotation shows the neodymium magnet market is main based on the rare earth price.